You’re Engaged! Now What
You’re Engaged! Now What

Getting engaged is notably one of the most memorable moments of your life. We want make sure you are prepared for what comes next- wedding planning! Here is a list of the first 6 things you should to do once he puts a ring on it.

1. Engagement Announcement

There are so many ways to announce your new adventure together. It’s very common for couples to publish their announcement on social media. A simple ring snapshot on Facebook and Instagram is a tasteful way to present your engagement to all your friends and family. If you’d like to take a more traditional approach consider sending a formal announcement in the mail. Or if you are comfortable with video, we’ve seen many couples post a fun video to social media as their announcement. Whichever way you make your announcement, your family and friends will be happy for you. One golden-rule of announcing your engagement: ensure your family knows before social media does!

2. Hire A Wedding Planner

You may consider yourself organized, but beware of the time it takes to plan a wedding and fulfill other obligations. The added expense of a wedding planner will ensure that you can enjoy your wedding planning experience and wedding day without the stress of keeping an eye on every event detail and vendor, etc.

3. Create A Budget

Set your budget right off the bat. List out every single event expense to keep you on track during the planning process. It is less than ideal to get half-way through planning and realize you are over budget. A budget outline will help you see where each item is being allocated and control your overall spend.

4. Choose A Date

We believe that selecting a wedding date depends on a few factors such as the particular season you prefer. Do you like indoors or outdoors? Are you going for a nature vibe or more modern twist for the ceremony? Hosting a wedding celebration in the spring and summer have two big factors that can sometimes deter you from these two seasons: Rain & Heat! Ensuring your guests are comfortable will be a priority, after all you are inviting them to enjoy the occasion.

5. Selecting A Venue

Venue shopping is loads of fun but it can be overwhelming for newly engaged couples. Locating a space that fits your guest count, your dream wedding and your budget can take a lot of research and planning. To find out more on choosing your venue, check out our latest blog: What to consider before booking your wedding venue. ( )

6. Invite Your Wedding Party

Choosing your bridal party is so fun and exciting! It’s telling your best ladies and men that they mean so much to you that you cannot say “I Do” without them. Find creative ways by customizing items with their names or initials. You could perhaps throw a big party with all of them and pop the news all at once!

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