What to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue
What to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Aside from getting engaged, one of the first items to check off your wedding to-do list is booking a venue that you and your fiancé love. In researching properties and locations, it’s important to consider key elements that will later become important details for your celebrations. There are many decisions to make when it comes to choosing a venue that is right for your event. We recommend starting with the basics and secure a venue that is 100% guaranteed to accommodate your guest count, DJ, catering and bars, pre-ceremony events, etc.

Outdoor Venues

While touring an outdoor event space, consider the time of day your event will be taking place. The lighting will sometimes be provided by the properties, or not. With any lovely outdoor space comes the potential for rain and other weather related set-backs. We always inquire about Plan B arrangements during the early planning stages. The property should be able to provide a Plan B space that still fits your guest count and all of your events. Plan B confirmations are usually made within 48 hours of your event depending on the venue. Typically, it’s an outdoor tent or indoor ballroom space that will serve as a backup plan.

Photo Ops

Be sure to keep in mind where you would like to take your photos on-site. Some properties have an abundance of unique photo opportunities while others may be lacking in this category. It is important that your venue is a part of your vision and forever memories. However, you may consider scheduling time to leave the venue after your ceremony to take off-site photos if there’s a desirable photo location nearby. With proper research, anything can happen!


If you’re planning a culturally-specific event, you may need to hire a caterer that specializes in the food you are interested in serving to your guests. Gathering this information on the front-end will be important not only for overall knowledge but also pricing. In most cases, there will be an off-site catering fee in addition to your catering costs. If an off-site caterer is your best option they must have access to the venue’s kitchen in order to prepare all the food for your celebrations.

Property Policies

Certain venues may require an approval for high-risk elements such as having fire outside and/or inside in venue. For safety purposes, the venue will often provide trained personnel to supervise fire elements and minimize any chance of harm to your guests. For Indian weddings, the Baraat procession usually involves a horse or an elephant. Some venues will require you to obtain a proper permitting and this can take up to three months.


We highly recommend that you request a list of all other events taking place during your wedding weekend. This information would also be helpful in determining when to schedule your wedding if you’re still deciding on a date. Say there is a large convention on-site, the hotel/resort could become very crowded making for a less than pleasant stay for your guests. The venue can simultaneously handle your event and other large-scale events or conventions taking place. However, we recommend taking this aspect into consideration and be aware of the potential for major crowds, high traffic and parking complications for your guests.

We would love to work with you in choosing an appropriate venue for your big day! Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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