Trouble Shooting & Why Having A Planner Is Vital
Trouble Shooting & Why Having A Planner Is Vital

Picture this: It’s your wedding day, and you’re in the middle of getting your hair and makeup done just a few short hours before walking down the aisle. Suddenly, you get a phone call that your wedding cake has hit the floor. What do you do?

At Eventrics Weddings we experience minor and major setbacks or on-site issues that need immediate attention. As a professional wedding planning management team, our company recognizes that the bride, groom, and families cannot carry the burden of putting out last minute ‘fires’.

What types of issues you may ask? See below for some of the nightmares that our wedding team has fixed that the families never knew about:

Exhibit A: Cake à la Floor

At one of our weddings we were informed the cake was leaning to one side. As quickly as humanly possible, our staff rushed to the ballroom only for the cake to hit the floor seconds later (any bride watching this and reading our blog *GASP*) But, with proper communication and readiness, we alerted the cake company who returned with a plan of action. Before the ballroom doors opened, the cake was repaired and a fresh new topper was provided for the bride and groom!

Exhibit B: You’ve Got… No Mail

That’s right! No mail…means no package! One of our bride’s experienced a floral package not arriving due to a snow storm in the northern states. This package obtained the hair floral that she was going to wear for her wedding ceremony, in addition to the wedding haars for the garland exchange (for those of you who aren’t familiar, haars are Indian floral garlands). Realizing the package would not arrive in time, our staff consulted their design team who provided loose petals to us with a sewing method that could imitate jasmine floral. With time not on our side, our staff member asked the front desk for a sewing kit and went to work. Sewing 50-70 petals together, in the end we were able to make something work that satisfied the bride. The package arrived just as the ceremony started, so we hurried to open and run the garlands to the mandap in perfect timing for the sacred exchange.

Exhibit C: Speak up, I can’t hear you!

It’s the end of the day, emotions are high, and it’s time for the first speech of the grand finale. The only issue is the wireless mic keeps cutting out, and no one can hear the speech. In your reception space outfitted with speakers, lighting and other factors, there are many different electronic frequencies occurring within the room. Once you add in guests, who have their cell phones, this sends different waves of frequencies throughout the space. We believe having a back up wired mic on standby can eliminate the scratchy mic problem all together! This is why when we host our final vendor calls we confirm details such as this one. It is important that a sound check is done and all microphones are tested pre-event, however, sometimes technology does not cooperate and we implement a plan b!

Things happen that are beyond your control but having a team willing to roll up their sleeves and make it happen is important. Investing in a wedding planner should be considered early on during the planning process, especially when you personally experience your investment unfolding during the day of your event(s). More importantly, your wedding planning team should be able to handle any trouble that may arise while making it look effortless. At Eventrics Weddings, we proudly support making your dreams come true.

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