What to expect from your wedding planner

What to expect from your wedding planner

When hiring a wedding planner it assists with the overall enjoyment of your planning experience! After all, you hired the expert to make it happen. Key elements to expect from your wedding planner include communication between family, your wedding venue and your vendor team. Outlining your schedule of events with key details and suggestions on how to make your event run a smoothly as possible are also items your wedding planner will cover.

Communication is the most important detail of your events success. With your busy schedule you may not have time to call the venue on a regular basis to ensure that every detail is being taken care of. Your vendor team takes a good amount of communication throughout the process leading up to the months of your events. Each vendor requires about 2-3 hours of phone calls reviewing the schedule to confirm they have the most updated timeline and understand their roles and involvement. In addition to your venue and vendor team, both bride’s side and groom’s side communication is something your wedding planner can oversee. With both sides of the family and the vendor involvement, it can be unnecessary stress for the couple and a wedding planner will assist with communicating the important details to family members involved in the ceremony, photos, and grand entrances. It is important that these three categories are covered in communication for the success and stress-free well being of your event but most importantly, you!

Your wedding timeline is constructed of each start and end time with every minor detail in between. Wedding planners experience many weddings whereas most couples do not have much experience in this area. Using your desired event outline and their expertise, your wedding planner is able to construct a successful outline from start to finish. Any important details such as family photos, exchanging a gift, or sharing a first look with your loved one should be incorporated onto your timeline schedule. Once your timeline is final, your wedding planner will communicate the schedule with the venue, your vendor team and your family to ensure that everyone is aware of the times and details needed to make the events successful.

Key elements for your wedding include ensuring that late arrivals do not walk in during the ceremony procession and doing a production run through with lighting for reception grand entrances. These two items are only some of the details that having a wedding planner oversee make it worthwhile. Aside from managing your entire event, planners are there to suggest any key elements that will help to make your overall event run seamlessly.