Wedding Website 101
Wedding Website 101

You may have heard of the quickly growing trend of creating a wedding website for your wedding weekend. You’ve probably been unsure if creating one is fitting for your wedding and even worth your time. If you’ve never visited a wedding website before, creating one may be more helpful than you think!

Free up time for yourself to dedicate to more timely aspects of wedding planning by not having to constantly be responding to emails from guests regarding details of the wedding. Simply direct them to your wedding website, where every question they may have can be answered from your wedding hashtag to things to do in the area. Many wedding sites even require a password, keeping all of your information secure and only visible to guests given the password.

By creating a wedding site, you can allocate all of the information that wouldn’t fit on the invite such as maps and parking, information that wasn’t available at the time of sending out invites such as hotel booking information, and information that isn’t proper etiquette to put on an invite such as your registry information. Even more than logistical information, you can tell your guests how you and your fiancée met and introduce them to your bridal party, creating excitement for the wedding. For all these reasons and many more, a wedding website is the newest and most useful trend for couples!

Thankfully, the Internet has made this trend incredibly simple for couples to use. There are tons of different sites out there offering “wedsite” services where you simply choose your template and put in your information. However, the prices range from free to even hundreds of dollars. Luckily, the cost effective and free options do an excellent job of giving you a wide range of gorgeous templates to choose from! Below are a few of our clients’ top picks for their wedding websites:

  1. The Knot (Free): The Knot is an all time favorite with plenty of template options and easy to use features. This is a great option, especially for couples with less time on their hands and who want a quick and easy way to present wedding information to their guests.
  2. AppyCouple ($35-$65 one time fee): Not only do you receive a wedding site, but you also receive a custom wedding app making it simple and fun for guests to pull up all of the information on their smart phones!
  3. Wix (Free): This is a full website builder, but also features a wedding option. This site makes it easy for you to customize the exact layout of every site page rather than a set template. If you have more time on your hands and really want to get creative with your wedding website, this is a great choice!

We hope this information will help you in beginning your wedding planning journey! Contact Eventrics today for full wedding planning and management services.

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