Tips on Enjoying your Wedding Planning Process
Tips on Enjoying your Wedding Planning Process

Congratulations! You are engaged. Such an incredibly exciting time in a couple’s journey together. If you’re like most Bride’s, you have probably been dreaming about your wedding planning experience long before the proposal.

While being engaged is an incredible time for a couple, it can quickly become filled with long lists of to-dos including: engagement celebrations, venue discussions, disagreements over the total guest count and so forth.

Here are some tips on how you can ensure your wedding planning process is memorable and gratifying.

Step 1: Enjoy it!

Prior to jumping into the planning process, take time to enjoy being engaged! If your schedule allows it, consider planning a mini-vacation before diving into the months of planning with the family. Take the time to discuss what the most important elements of your wedding are. The planning process can be a lot of give and take, with some sacrifices along the way. However, deciding on what the deal breakers are from the start will help keep the planning on track!

Step 2: Form a Plan

Typically before you begin the planning process you will want to chat with both sides of the families to discuss the following:

  • Dates
  • Guests lists (Bride, Groom and both sets of Parents)
  • Location
  • Budget

It will be important everyone is on the same page regarding these topics before proceeding with the planning process.

Step 3: Consider Hiring a Professional

Most couples decide to hire a Wedding Planner in the beginning of the process as their knowledge and guidance can ensure a more relaxed, and enjoyable experience. As well, planners can be most impactful, and realistic, with your overall financial investment to remain on target with both the vision and details of your event.

Relax – Your Getting Married!

Remember, planning your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and should be celebrated! By being prepared early with a plan of action, we guarantee your event and planning process will be a much more enjoyable experience.

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