The Must Know Details for your Off-site Wedding Venue
The Must Know Details for your Off-site Wedding Venue

Off-site wedding venues are becoming vastly known. Similar to a banquet hall, off-site wedding venues usually offer a blank canvas space for your celebrations. Some include tables and chairs while others may only offer an off-site kitchen space for your catering team to prep. Research is the most important factor when planning your wedding for many reasons. There may be restrictions against certain elements that you wanted to include in your event. Perhaps the venue allows your own catering team but you must use their bar service. As you can see, budget plays a large role in off-site venues. Before booking, it will be important to layout a budget that showcases the elements that you would require for this particular property.

You may have the option to work with your choice of licensed catering teams however, do not be surprised if the venue offers a list of caterers that you are required to choose from. Keep in mind, making the recommendation for your personal preferred caterer may be an option as well. Along with catering you will experience kitchen access. It will be very important for the catering team to visit the property if they have not worked there before. Many elements are key for catering to successfully work your event such as water access, the ability to cool/heat food, and storage/prep areas.

Bar and Beverage
Your catering company may offer a bar package in addition to their services. If this is done through the venue, then most details are sorted out in advance. Similar to a resort, you will have different options regarding the bar: consumption or hourly. Consumption charges you for what your guests actually consume. Hourly costs allow an open bar for the length of your event per person. The foundation for your catering and bar and beverage is china and glassware. At your off-site venue, you can decide the type of china you prefer. Perhaps you like the idea of having all china over disposables. At this style venue, it is imperative that the vendor providing the bar is clear on the inventory for your glassware.

If your venue does not offer tables and chairs, you would outsource these from a rental company. Things to consider are the style of chair you envision for your celebration, if you want a mix of table sizes, and the color of linens. Rentals include more than just your average table set up requirements. If you want to enhance the venue, some rental companies offer drape, lighting, large decor furniture and statement pieces. When looking into rentals it is important to receive two quotes from different companies. This helps with justifying the costs and understanding where your dollars are being invested.

Although your venue may have outlets along the wall, this does not always mean that there are dedicated power outlets. Power is a charge that is not usually seen until closer to the event day. Most couples that are presented a power quote are shocked to see the charges involved. It is important to arrange the necessary power needs from all vendors to ensure that the venue can support your events needs. At the end of the day, no one wants a power black out at their wedding celebrations.

Venue research can become extensive. Location and time of year play factors for your celebration. Choosing an off-site wedding venue does not mean added stress, it only needs a little more TLC to make your day perfect!

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