The Bridal Emergency Kit
The Bridal Emergency Kit

So every minute of the wedding weekend is planned, you’re almost sure nothing can go wrong. You’ve sent out various schedules to your bridal party and confirmed your vendors about three times. You’ve done everything you can, but as all great event planners know, hiccups are bound to happen. So that’s why we’ve put together what we believe every maid of honor (wedding shower gift idea..?) or wedding planner should keep on hand during the wedding day! Having these small items will ensure you’re ready for whatever spill or tears that come at you and your bridal party.

Beauty & Makeup

  • Tissues for the inevitable tears
  • Makeup remover wipes, Q-tips, concealer and mascara to fix any makeup mishaps
  • All the hair necessities: hair ties, bobby pins, hairbrush, and hairspray
  • Hygiene products are a guaranteed necessity for someone in the bridal party: deodorant, body spray, tampons, and panty liners
  • Small sewing kit including scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins (especially helpful for our Indian brides)
  • Lint roller for the groomsmen

Spills & Mishaps

  • Stain remover pen for those unfortunate stains
  • White chalk works great to mask any last minute stains on the bride’s gown
  • Spare sport towels for any spills
  • Foldable flats for anyone with blisters from heels

First Aid

  • Mini first aid kit including band-aids, eye drops, and antiseptic
  • Medication for headaches, allergies, sore throats, indigestion and a fever

Miscellaneous items

  • Phone chargers of all varieties (IPhone to Android, someone will need this!)
  • Complete vendor contact list, schedule, and table seating plans
  • Mints/gum to keep your bride feeling refreshed
  • Lastly, snacks, candy, and a beverage for the bride when her nerves are rising and she needs her favorite goodies on hand!
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