Small Ways to Save Money for your Wedding
Small Ways to Save Money for your Wedding

For many brides and grooms, when it comes to saving money, they don’t want to have to compromise the larger, more significant aspects of their wedding such as the time of year or the guest count. However, by adjusting and minimizing smaller details of the wedding process, a wedding planner can save their client a large amount of money since all these little savings add up!


This is one area you can easily minimize your budget in. Ask your florist about which flowers are in season because if they aren’t in their peak season, they are going to cost you a lot. If you have favorite flowers that are not in season, ask your florist about what other options have similar colors and the same look. When possible, you should try to repurpose floral, for example, from the ceremony décor to the cocktail reception’s guest book table.

Paper products:

Consider sending online save the dates. Your invites will be through mail anyway, so save a few hundred dollars by sending email save the dates! You can also reduce your postage costs by creating single-page invites. Another way to save money through your paper products is by eliminating the cost of an envelope and sending a RSVP postcard instead. This is a small way your guests won’t even notice you were saving money.


If the grandeur of your wedding cake isn’t a priority, consider having a smaller cake with fewer tiers and a simpler design. Have your cake artist supplement it with a large sheet of the same cake to be stored in the back kitchen and served to guests. You can design a gorgeous cake for a fraction of the cost by using fresh flowers for décor instead of intricate detailing that will hike up the price.

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