How Pinterest is Changing Wedding Planning Industry

How Pinterest is Changing Wedding Planning Industry

Since the launch of Pinterest Brides have become more and more aware of the look they want to create for their wedding. This is the way pinterest is changing the wedding planning industry.

If you’re a Bride and you do not have a Pinterest account you are probably one of the few these days without. Almost every Bride we work with has a Pinterest account and has already started pinning appealing looks and ideas for her own wedding day. Pinterest is a fabulous tool for sharing with your wedding vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the look and feel for your special event.

In a lot of ways, Pinterest has changed the wedding industry for both wedding vendors and planners. One of the most common changes I have witnessed is the increase in the DIY (do it yourself) projects!

Brides love the tiny details Pinterest and pinners showcase; anywhere from signage, to guest books, guest favors to place cards. Although it is a wonderful way to personalize certain elements of your wedding day it can also become an overwhelming and very time consuming undertaking.

It certainly places a lot more pressure on the bride and family as the wedding day approaches.
I encourage the Brides I work with who desire to get their hands on something crafty to create their guest’s favors only and leave the rest of the projects to the professionals! With the increased visuals available, wedding vendors are also being pushed to be more creative. They can provide brides their own unique elements or even enhance what they have seen on Pinterest or DIY projects.