Giving Thanks at your Wedding
Giving Thanks at your Wedding

With Thanksgiving around the corner, giving thanks is a big theme in November. There are numerous ways to show gratitude to those who have played a significant role during the wedding planning process. Whether they were simply supportive or planned all the small details of your special day, giving thanks is absolutely necessary. We’ve come up with some different ways to show appreciation for the important people in your life during and after the wedding!

Thank your fiancée:
Exchange written letters before the ceremony. Have your maid of honor and best man receive them beforehand, and you can both read the letters while getting ready. Amidst the wedding planning craze, this is a nice reminder to each other of the significance of your wedding day and a beautiful way to express gratitude to one another.

Thank your parents:
Show your support for your parents or parent-figures that have done an extraordinary amount to give you the wedding of your dreams with a custom gift. Parents will usually be appreciative of any gift with sentimental value, so even a simple frame and wedding photo along with a thoughtful letter will mean the world to them. Put a creative twist on this idea, and place your parent’s wedding photo alongside your own!

Thank your bridal party:
Apart from the usual bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts you hand out, consider thanking them in a more sentimental way such as a champagne toast and mini-speech before the ceremony or dedicate a fun song to them from your past at the reception.

Thank your maid of honor and best man:
Whether a sibling or best friend, this person has endured and supported you through your highs and lows throughout life and wedding planning so sharing your appreciation for them is a must! This is one gift you’ll get to be creative with, whether it is a gift or gesture such as a special day out.

Thank your vendors:
Lastly, thank the vendors that made your wedding day a success! The best way to do this is by leaving them a thorough review on social media or related sites as well as offering to provide a testimonial to future clients. These are small gestures that will not only show your appreciation for their hard work, but also support and expand their business.

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