Finding a Balance

Finding a Balance

Choosing the perfect wedding songs can be a difficult task especially for couples who are not in-tune with music or that have different musical tastes. Here are my suggestions for choosing some great wedding songs!

First consider your audience and the age demographic. If the crowd is mostly younger yet you have some older family members, allow the music to progress with the evening. Start with something age appropriate for your mature guests and as the evening continues choose music more fitting for a younger crowd. Elderly guests tend to leave after cake cutting.

Secondly, choose a great DJ or other form of entertainment. When selecting the entertainment for your wedding you want to make sure it brings a lot of personality to your evening. You want to get your guests pumped and dancing throughout the duration of your special night.

Lastly, choose your special songs (i.e. cake cutting, first dance, etc) together as it will make the experience more personal. It will be nice to hold onto the memories of those songs for your lifetime together.

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