Find the Perfect Fall Bridesmaid Dresses
Find the Perfect Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re getting married in the fall and you haven’t found the perfect bridesmaid dresses, don’t fret! In fact, you’re in luck. The best months to shop for fall bridesmaid dresses are August and September because school dances and holiday parties cause a peak in new styles and wider selection.

In planning your selection, be sure to visit multiple shops and survey all of your price and style options. We suggest that you consider inviting your bridesmaids to join you that way you can gage their interest in certain styles. Also, it’s a good idea to verify what each shop offers beforehand by visiting their website. If you see something you like, call the shop to make sure they have your top choices in stock. When making your final selection, be sure to consider how the dress will look on different body types and whether or not every member of your bridal party could afford it.

Choosing THE Dress or Dresses

  1. You can decide to go with a single style or multiple different styles with some similarities. It really depends on the look and feel of your wedding. The more traditional bride might choose a singular look for her bridal party, whereas a conventional bride might decide to go with a variety of styles and colors.
  2. Long or short
    The question of choosing a long or short dress is one that comes up quite often. As a rule of thumb, short dresses are typically reserved for summer or spring weddings and long dresses for fall and winter. But again, we recommend choosing a length that corresponds with the look and feel of your wedding.
  3. Color
    Don’t shy away from choosing a unique color or multiple colors for your bridal party. The variegated color look is very popular and adds a playful element to your Big Day.

Fall Wedding Color Ideas

  • Bright: soft orange, mango, light charcoal, mustard
  • Colorful: red orange, dark lilac, deep teal, caramel
  • Metallic: pumpkin pie, sage, faded black, antique gold
  • Muted: mango, pale peach, dark peach, cream
  • Monochrome: autumn orange, burnt sienna, calico, banana
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