Fall Weddings

Fall Weddings

With the advent of fall, comes the changing of leaves and the chilling of weather. While summer wedding trends are coming to an end, rustic fall trends are on the rise. If your wedding is occurring between the months of September and December you may want to consider having a wedding theme that reflects the wonderful autumn season and the excitement of the approaching holidays!

The “naked cake”, which lacks the outer fondant layer, is a new trend that is becoming a very popular choice. This look gives a very natural and organic feel that many brides are opting for this season, while minimizing the taste of excess icing! Though not completely traditional, this cake will still impress your guests and look beautiful in photos. This style of cake is especially great when paired with colorful floral. Floral is the one component of your wedding décor that can really capture the essence of fall. When it comes to picking your floral, choose earthy colors such as shades of maroon, navy, ivory, and orange.

For outdoor lighting, consider creating a bonfire as one component of the reception. Not only will it keep guests warm, but it will also create the cozy atmosphere that autumn is all about. Another idea is to use market lights and glass vases with candles for both indoor and outdoor reception venues. Using mason jars will give a rustic vibe, while market lighting will create a homey ambiance throughout your space. You can even utilize the natural scents of pinecones and cinnamon sticks for a truly fall experience.

And finally, what’s a fall wedding without some comfort food? Nothing says “fall is here” more than the taste of apple and pumpkin! Use apple flavors in a custom cider or pumpkin in mini pies for your dessert table. These classic items will have your guests thinking about fall and the holidays.

We hope these fall inspiration trends will help in planning your fall themed wedding! Eventrics professionals specialize in corporate and social events.