Eventrics Weddings Expands Outside the State of Florida and Internationally
Eventrics Weddings Expands Outside the State of Florida and Internationally

You have probably heard of bringing in a DJ that you love for a wedding or even a caterer, but now Eventrics Weddings offers the glamorous option of bringing the best of the best wedding planning team to your home state – or even a destination! In 2017, Eventrics Weddings will officially offer out-of-state and international wedding planning services, which is an exciting new offering for this 5-time award winning wedding planning firm.

“We’re absolutely delighted to expand our services to couples in other states and countries,” said Brittany Ellis Cole, Owner and Wedding Planner for Eventrics Weddings, “Currently, we have a number of destination weddings this year including St. Louis, Virginia, possibly Mexico.”

Eventrics Weddings first international wedding took place in breathtaking Aruba! Located off the coast of Venezuela, Brittany and the team celebrated Shailee and Ankur in the tropics.

“In planning an international wedding, we found there to be many challenges. But we gracefully and effectively enacted strong solutions and back-ups to ensure for a seamless event.” says Brittany.

Teamwork is vital for each event to be successful and that is the way Eventrics Weddings runs the show. Each member of the team keeping constant communication allows for accurate follow through at each event. There are two main components to the wedding planning process: behind the scenes and onsite. Eventrics Weddings offers shadowing experiences and internships before bringing anyone on the team. Shadowing experiences include overseeing certain tasks with a team member while internships are office based and research focused.

“We are dedicated to providing a premier wedding experience to all of our brides,” says Brittany, “having a superior team is what makes it all possible and we’re very fortunate to have the best of the best. The drive and excitement from the team is what makes Eventrics Wedding so successful.”

With a larger staff, Eventrics Weddings reaches for higher goals in 2017. It is now possible for the team to plan and coordinate two weddings in a single a weekend.

“We’re big on setting goals, and this year our goal was to expand both geographically and in terms of our staff size.” says Brittany, “Our mantra is.. Thoughts become things. If you think it, you can do it.”

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