Engagement Story: Smiti & Ameay

Our team is thrilled to be working with Smiti and Ameay for their upcoming wedding in Orlando, Florida. We are so in love with their Big Sur Engagement Shoot, bringing you all the west coast beach vibes.

How did you two meet?
We met as freshmen at Georgetown in 2011. Smiti remembers the first Facebook message Ameay sent to her before they officially started college but doesn’t remember how they met in person…. (in her words: “it’s hard to remember a time at Georgetown before knowing Ameay!”) Ameay says we met in person during the fall Navratri Garba event. However, after we did meet, we were fast friends and were nearly inseparable. A year later, we officially started dating!

What is your Engagement Story?
We’ve been dating long distance for the past five years and unfortunately, Ameay’s initial plans of a Big Sur surprise proposal were canceled due to the pandemic. Instead, Ameay tricked Smiti into going house hunting, and while she was distracted by daydreams of granite countertops and high ceilings, he proposed in the Rose Garden park at Bailey’s Arbor in Minnesota (the same neighborhood in which they now own their first home together!)

Favorite part about working with our team and/or the planning process? 
Eventrics really goes above and beyond and is always there for us. We are planning a wedding long-distance in Orlando during the pandemic, with Smiti in California and Ameay in Minnesota so planning has not been easy. The team has been so understanding and helpful, accommodating virtual tours, Zoom calls, etc and has left us with the utmost confidence that we are on track and all our decisions are the right ones, even if we haven’t been able to see things in person ourselves. They are so kind, patient, and insanely organized. We truly do not believe we could be working with anyone better!

What are you most excited about for your wedding, other than getting married!?
Getting to celebrate with all of our friends and family (hopefully in person)!

Our favorite part about working with Smiti and Ameay has been their bubbly demeanor and organization. From day one, they have had a clear vision for their wedding and how they wanted their guest to experience their weekend celebration. We have so enjoyed helping plan their picture perfect wedding!

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