Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer
Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer might be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process. The memories he or she captures will be some of the only ones you’ll physically have for years to come. Many brides end up regretting their choice once they receive the photos and aren’t happy with the selection or quality. For this reason, we can’t stress more the importance in choosing the right photographer for your vision. Avoid being an unsatisfied bride by reading some of our advice below!

Believe it or not, researching a photographer requires some strategy. There are many aspects to a photographer you should try to gauge from initial research. The number and types of weddings they have worked at will tell you a lot about the level of experience of the photographer. For instance, if you are one of our Eventrics’ South Asian brides, you want to make sure your photographer is experienced in that area due to the different types of ceremonies and traditions. In addition, take a look at their online galleries. Keep in mind, this highlight gallery is likely their best work so you should ask to see their larger portfolios as well.

Each photographer has their own unique style of taking photos and editing, so be sure you like theirs as your photos will probably have similar qualities. You can also learn a lot by a photographer’s website and the level of professionalism and creativity they will provide. A low quality website could mean lower quality service and work.

If your budget allows, photography is one aspect of wedding planning you should hire the best of the best. These will be your only lasting memories years from now, and you could regret it if you are unhappy with your final product. Hiring a professional has many benefits in comparison to hiring a friend with a fancy camera or someone less experienced. A professional will know exactly how to fully embrace every different type of lighting and setting whether it’s a dark cave or beach sunset. Through their vast experience, they will also know the ins and outs of the wedding day and when and where to capture the best moments.

A professional photographer will also be equipped with backup cameras and all the necessary equipment in the case of technical difficulties. Lastly, a professional will have backup plans and photographers if there are last minute emergencies. It is also likely they will have a team of multiple photographers assisting, giving you even more amazing shots!

Once you’ve chosen a photographer for your wedding day, there are still many steps in order to get the best service possible. During your first consultations with he or she, it’s important to make sure your photographer understands your vision and truly wants to capture it. A photographer that isn’t as accommodating to your vision will likely produce images that you won’t be happy with. It’s even a good idea to take images you’ve found online of certain poses or aspects you like so the photographer can see exactly what you are going for.

Secondly, you should create a shot list with the photographer of special moments and people you want photos taken of. This list can include all of the portrait shots (i.e. with family and friends) as well as more candid ones such as the first look of the bride and groom.

Lastly, be sure your photographer is familiar with the wedding timeline and the layout of the venue ahead of time. This will allow he or she to be ready for all of the important moments you want captured.

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