Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget!
Champagne on a Beer Budget

I blame reality shows for making Brides believe that everything is obtainable and within reach for their wedding day.

The truth is the majority of the Brides I meet are not aware of how much items cost in the wedding industry. They often come to us so overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. Rest assured you can plan your perfect wedding!

Here are a few tips I would encourage every Bride to think about before starting her wedding plans:

Describe your event – How do you want your guests to feel when they walk to your ceremony site? How do you want guests to feel when entering your reception? Weddings are an emotional event and senses are already heightened. By playing off those emotions you can create an impact by thinking about what you want your guests to experience during the event and implementing those thoughts into your plan.

Decide what is most important – When I meet with Brides I always encourage them to decide on the top 3 items they cannot live without on their wedding day. Whether that is lighting, specialty floral, or a 6 tiered wedding cake it helps to determine the cost of the “must have” items before budgeting your additional wedding items. Remember your venue, food, and beverage costs are going to be your greatest expense, so factor that in first before determining the balance of your budget.

At Eventrics Weddings we will take your concept to reality. Allow our event professionals to price our your entire event prior to signing additional vendor contracts to ensure you remain within a comfortable price range for your event.

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