All Things Custom!
All Things Custom!

It’s the fourth quarter of the year, and as we take time to reflect on 2018, we have noticed how creative our weddings have been! This year was full of customized designs, ideas, and menus! Clients across the board are finding new and fun ways to engage their guests during the weekend of celebrations. Here are some of our favorites:

Menu Signage & Social Media Tags
Dressing up your menu can really go the extra mile for that personalized touch on your event. If you are offering food stations, perhaps consider a larger sign at each station, so guests know what each station is offering. For a dinner reception, whether your meal is plated or buffet style, adding a menu to each place setting gives your guests an idea of what you’re serving for the night. Consider adding a personal ‘thank you’ note to each place setting.

Utilizing social media, such as a unique hashtag, during your wedding weekend can be a fun way to see your wedding unfold through your guests’ eyes. Looking back on your tagged photos will be fun and thoughtful!

Floral Crowns & Bejeweled Turbans
Boho and chic stylings are totally IN! Brides across the board are adding floral elements to their hair and attire for a pop of fresh, natural color. Whether it’s a floral crown for bridal mehndi or rose accents on a ceremony bun, fresh floral brings a sense of mother nature to the event.

However, these accents are not only for the bride, as grooms today are donning beautiful and luxurious looking turbans and scarves. The devil is in the details, and you will be sure to find these small, pleasing elements in your photos looking back!

Open & Floating Mandap Structures
The traditional 4-post Mandap has evolved and undergone modernization, where couples now are choosing open and even floating Mandap structures. The feedback we’ve heard is the traditional structure tends to block the view for guests, who are now embracing the modern Mandap structure! Organizing your vision with your designer is key to achieve the overall look you desire.

LED TV Screens & Experience Tunnels
If you are featuring same-day edits or a slideshow of wedding pictures at your reception, having large screens is a must. A creative, one-of a kind masterpiece we saw come together this year was watching the installation of 16 LED TV screens to create one large screen for guests to view.

As well, experience tunnels create an immersive experience for your guests upon entering the reception space. By adding elements such as draping, lighting, and floral elements, the tunnel transforms your space into a magical party from cocktails to dinner!

Indoor Fireworks & Colorful Smoke Tubes
Fourth of July and New Years are not the only excuse for watching fireworks! Today, couples are implementing indoor fountain fireworks for their grand entrance, first dance, and dance party with guests. Adding this exciting feature to your reception will surely have your guests talking for years to come! Prior to securing the indoor fireworks, we always recommend you explicitly discuss this detail with your venue. Some properties require fire watch, permitting, or additional insurance for safety precautions for you and your guests.

Colorful smoke tubes are becoming very popular for outdoor Baraats, including photos of the bride and groom. Exciting add-on’s such as these make for amazing photo and video coverage. Again, safety measures should always be taken when handling smoke tubes, as they can become overheated. However, with proper planning, they can add so much fun to your celebration!

Customizing your wedding celebrations extends beyond good looking photos and favors for guests. By adding elements that you, as the bride and groom, may not see often gives a ‘wow’ factor for guests to remember your event for a lifetime. For more on Customizing Your Wedding, read our blog here!

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