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Thejal & Preston

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We just wanted to thank you so, so, SO much for absolutely everything. Saturday was absolutely beautiful (and remarkably on time!) – it was more than we could have even imagined. Even though there was *so* much we could not have imagined happening when we began this planning process, we knew it would be okay the whole time because we had you to keep everything together. After almost 3 years of planning it’s hard to believe that it is actually over with! Our family and friends from near and far absolutely loved the day as well. None of this would have been possible without you or the Eventrics team. Thank you so much for your kindness, support, constant patience, and guidance throughout this whole process. – Thejal, Bride


To start with, it was an absolute delight to deal with each one of you. You were all VERY professional, courteous, notably pleasant, and very considerate of all the needs. You were very open to the last minute changes at the Indian ceremony (where the bridesmaid starts the welcoming procession, for example). We were also very impressed with certain decisions you took on the fly – for example, having the guests gather in the Club Room when it was so hot outside. Even the small things you did were very thoughtful. We were also concerned about who would transport Thejal from her suite to the Inverness for the ceremony – your staff took care of that too, which was a big relief.

You and your staff ensured everything was on time and folks were at the right place at the right time (though some of us gave you heart attacks, probably!); and you also made sure the items in storage reached the right places and everything went back where they belonged. We also noted that we got back EVERY SINGLE THING that was brought for the wedding – you and your team paid meticulous attention to that too.

Well, as a result, the event was a huge success – you and your team should get significant credit for that (the rest of the credit should go to Preston and Thejal for their dancing, and the vendors for the decor and the food). The vendors you recommended were also fantastic. Some of my friends remarked that this was the best wedding they attended in recent times.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – you, Whitney and others – were simply incredible. It was a real pleasure knowing you and working with you, and we wish you and Eventrics continued success in everything you do. – Kumar & Jaya (Parents of the Bride)