sapana and vishal

Sapana & Vishal

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“The Eventrics team is the best in the business and we could not have asked for better partners to work with through our entire wedding planning process. We procured Eventrics for their full planning services which includes preplanning and day of services for our 2 day Indian wedding in Virginia. Brittany and Melinda were the leads on our event and they both did such a phenomenal overall job. We were honestly in such withdrawal after our wedding and missed working with the Eventrics team so much that we joked that we would have to find other parties to host just to have them help us plan the events. A break down of why they’re so great is below, but long story short – they really took the pressure and stress off of us during the wedding weekend which really allowed us to enjoy time with our guests which is honestly a priceless experience. I can also attest that the Eventrics team had the most reasonable pricing compared to all of the planners we spoke to and that comes without sacrificing any quality. Another theme with this team is they always went above and beyond to ensure we were happy the entire time before, during and even after the wedding. It’s been 8 months since our wedding and they’re still helping us chase down vendors for unfinished deliverables even though we didn’t ask – you can’t expect much more than that.

Preplanning: They have planned so many weddings they were really good at helping us understand what to look for in a venue. They were great in helping with site visits to find the right venues and helping to cross check prices / rates / contracts to make sure they were market standard. They also help set things in perspective from the beginning by providing us with a budget sheet and including pricing from different venue options so we could get an idea of what each venue would cost. They offered up creative ideas for things we needed help on and also had a very good network of vendors they preferred to work with who were very professional and helped us throughout the process. Also worth mentioning they would only recommend preferred vendors as requested and had no ulterior motive and did not pressure us to use anyone we did not like or feel comfortable with. They really never said no to anything reasonable we asked them to do and were willing to help in any area where we needed it.

Week of Event: While the girls were very helpful in the preplanning process, this is where the Eventrics team really shined. There are so many micro decisions and points of failures and things that can and will go wrong leading up to your special event and it has the potential to be extremely stressful – but the best text we got was from Melinda as we were traveling to our venue which said – you can now turn yourself off from planning mode and leave everything to us – your job is just to enjoy the next few days. That is exactly what happened and despite tons of things that had the potential to go wrong – the Eventrics team addressed all the issues and were very proactive allowing us to enjoy our special days. The advice we received from most people was to make sure your take time, slow down and actually enjoy the days of your events when you’re surrounded by your friends and family – and without the Eventrics team, I don’t know how we would have been able to do that. “