nanditha and saatvik

Nanditha & Saatvik

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“Weddings are an enormous undertaking; Indian weddings in particular. They get even tougher when the wedding is in Florida but both families live in the Northeast. With Brittany and her team, though, every obstacle was overcome. Eventrics has a deep history with vendors for every possible need and the know-how and talent to get you the best deal possible. Brittany helped us navigate our way through finding the right hotel, vendors, and the wedding. Without her meticulous planning, our wedding would not have been the event that it was. Brittany laid out a minute-by-minute plan for the entire weekend and was able to manage all parties involved to pull off the wedding. Working with Brittany and the Eventrics team is a no-brainer for anyone living in Florida, and we are sure she is the best option for anyone planning a destination wedding in the area. She made the daunting task of planning a destination wedding simple and painless. Whether we admit it or not, each of us has a vision for what our wedding will be. We dream of each moment and how we will enter the next stage of our life. Lucky for us, with Brittany’s team’s help, we were able to have the weekend of our dreams. We cannot recommend the Eventrics team highly enough. Thank you for everything Brittany, we will never forget you and your team when we think back to this weekend for the rest of our lives!”