janet and samir

Janet & Samir

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“Eventrics Weddings (Brittany and her wonderful staff) were the perfect choice for our recent wedding. There were a lot of moving parts: it was both a large destination wedding and it was also an intercultural / fusion wedding, so there were many, very specific requirements to properly execute a Hindu ceremony with a lot of guests who were unfamiliar with the customs. With so much to do and to accomplish, wedding planning was a whole family effort, so there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, and it would not have gone as smoothly as it did without Brittany’s guidance. In the months leading up to the wedding, Brittany helped us get organized and kept us on schedule by sending out monthly reminders and scheduling family conference calls. She did multiple site visits (which I especially appreciated when I couldn’t be there in person), introduced us to amazing venues and vendors, and was great about getting our questions answered. She also very sweetly would check in with me, making sure that as the bride I felt like my vision was being represented in addition to the cultural / religious components of the wedding. Going into the wedding, I felt absolutely confident that she had everything under control. The wedding day was complicated because there were rituals and events happening in a dozen places all over the resort, sometimes simultaneously. Brittany’s team made it run smoothly by always having at least one staff member posted in each location, and they were in constant communication with one another via walkie-talkie. Staff would personally escort me, my family, the groom and his 22 groomsmen (gulp!) to each location so we didn’t need to think about it, which was amazing. To sum up, Brittany has the patience of a zen master, and is a skilled listener and communicator. Not only did she handle all of our deeply felt opinions with grace, collect our sometimes-disorganized information and turn it into easily-understood lists and schedules, wrangle SO MANY vendors, and get 22 groomsmen to where they needed to be, but she did it in an unobtrusive way, so we never felt rushed or like we were being “handled” (even though we were, haha!). I’m so grateful to her and her staff. I recommend Eventrics Weddings highly.”