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“As soon as my fiance and I got engaged, we were in planning mode. We were on a hunt for the perfect venue. My family, fiance and I literally drove all over Florida to find the perfect place. Indian weddings can be pretty overwhelming, with multiple events, different roles, etc. Venue hunting was pretty stressful and we weren’t happy with what we saw. After attending a friends wedding, we were referred to Eventrics Weddings and so we set up a meeting right away. The moment we met Brittany and Melinda, we knew we would be in good hands. They know a great deal about indian weddings which makes the process easier. They worked with us step by step for each event to be sure everything ran smoothly. I’m a perfectionist, and Melinda made sure every detail was to our liking. It was helpful that Eventrics are familiar with and have great relationships with a lot of the vendors we had chosen. Day of, Melinda had everything under control. On multiple occasions, my fiance and I would have some random detail or logistic pop into our head to remind Melinda about and she had already taken care of it. After a while we learned we could just relax and enjoy the happiest day of our lives! There were multiple Eventrics team members on site for the event and catered to our every need. Moreover, both of our families thoroughly enjoyed our wedding without any stresses. Our family and friends are still raving about how well organized and beautiful our wedding was. We couldn’t have done it without Melinda and her team! We would highly recommend Eventrics Weddings!”