Hybrid Events Q & A

Eventrics Weddings and Events

What is a Hybrid event?

A hybrid event is an event that fuses synergy between live and virtual. By leveraging technology Hosts have the opportunity to create meaningful connections that in-person gatherings foster.

What is the cost of incorporating a virtual component to my celebration?

Costs will vary based on the following:


  • Multiple camera angles
  • Number of guests tuning in
  • Customized engaging virtual activities (think: Family Feud, slide shows or shower games, social media engagement)
  • Virtual Entertainment or Hosts
  • Live interactions with Bride, Groom and their virtual Guests
  • Pre-recorded material (engagement and/or wedding coverage) for opening video presentation before going ‘live’

Tangible & Customized Enhancements:
Leave no detail unturned! Take the virtual experience to the next level by incorporating the other senses: of touch, taste and smell.

  • Individual deliveries of entrée with beverage pairings
  • Branded and/or Monogrammed Box presentation incorporating:
    • Gorgeous floral centerpieces and candles
    • Wedding desserts
    • Google VR Glasses (for a true virtual experience brought to life)
    • Guest favors
    • And so much more!

What does Eventrics Weddings' Team do to facilitate a hybrid experience?

Our Team offers step-by-step guidance on bridging the gap between your live event and virtual vision. Bringing a combined 15 years of hospitality knowledge we will leverage our vendor relationships to curate a bespoke experience for your guests.

We work with each Client to understand the intention of their gathering and create a customized program which will keep their attendees engaged and entertained. In addition to the virtual experience we support our clients with generating tangible and customizable enhancements for their social distance soirées.

"We had so many friends and family remark about how exceptionally organized and detail-oriented each event was and it truly took the stress off us and our families."
- Ramanlal and Bhatnager