What is a Hybrid Event and How to Make it Engaging

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is an event that fuses synergy between live and virtual. By leveraging technology, hosts have the opportunity to create meaningful connections that in-person, foster gatherings.

Every week, our team is inspired by creative forces in our industry, making impacts in the event-tech world for weddings. One of the biggest and most concerning topics our clients have posed for our team, is how to make the virtual component engaging for their guests.

Here are some solutions for creating a luxury hybrid experience for your guests:

Understanding Technology:

The first question I always ask our clients when considering adding a virtual component to their wedding is, what is their vision? For example, do they wish to have just the ceremony live streamed, or the entire wedding events including the reception formalities?

It is important as planners to develop an event timeline and curate a virtual timeline for the at-home guests to ensure the best possible viewing experience. A thoughtful planner always immerses themselves into their guest’s experience, and the virtual component is no different.

  • Consider introduction videos or slides prior to the start of the ceremony. Tapping into the guest’s emotional experience is a critical component to ensure that they feel like a true guest.
  • Ensure you hire a production team to properly live stream your wedding! Your hired videographer is not the same as a video production team. Live streaming requires tech support, proper sound, and multiple camera angles for your guests to have the best possible viewing experience.
  • Consider hiring entertainment and/or guest “hosts” at intermission times of the wedding (i.e. post-ceremony photos). It is important to keep your guest’s engagement in mind when mapping out your virtual guideline.


Leave no detail unturned! Take the virtual experience to the next level by incorporating the other senses of touch, taste, and smell!

It is all about the enhancements when curating a true virtual experience for your guests! This is the time to partner with your existing or newly hired vendor team. Your vendors possess the key to open creativity and possibility to enhance the virtual component you are adding to your event.

Caterers and Dessert Artists: Our team is nothing short of inspired by the creativity that caterers have showcased during this unique time. Fresh and hot meal deliveries to families unable to attend the event in person are being done seamlessly. Food presentations at social distanced events are still gorgeous and unique but practical.

Designers/Florists: Do not leave this key component out for your virtual guests. Partnering with your design team to curate an “at home table centerpiece” is certainly going the extra mile to give your guests a true sense of being a part of your experience. They can actually touch and smell the same floral that is on your guest’s tables at your wedding.

Stationery: Customization and presentation is everything for the virtual experience! When you are partnering with your caterer, designer and planner, have your stationery artist on board! Like any artist, your stationery company is going to be able to curate a presentation, that when delivered to your guests, will feel special and unique to your event.

Photo/Video: While most couples will have an engagement session prior to the wedding, consider adding on video coverage as well. Having an opening video for your viewers, prior to the ceremony entrances, will capture the true joyful emotions of the day. Get creative with your content for your virtual guests.

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Stay inspired!

Brittany E. Ellis