Wedding Signature
Wedding Signature

Throughout the wedding planning process our team of wedding specialists is asked by Clients how they can make their wedding more unique. One of the simplest ways to make your wedding more distinctive is in the signage!

The growing trend with couples is customizing their paper products. We encourage couples to add their signature flair to their signage as this element of personal branding really does make a big impact!

Here are some great examples of how you can customize your wedding signage:

Escort & Seating Cards
We always encourage the couples we work with to think outside the box. Last year I worked with a couple who had a New York themed reception. Their escort cards were designed as box office tickets and program as a Playbill. It was a hit! If you do not have a reception theme give different colors, shapes and ways of presenting some thought. Often times we will brainstorm with a paper product designer to come up with great concepts!

Table Numbers
Another fabulous way to add your personal touch to your wedding signage is to use country or city names, places you have traveled together, favorite restaurants or interests in lieu of numbers.

Food Labels / Menu Cards
Adding comments such as ‘The Brides Favorite Dish’ or ‘Mother of the Groom’s Secret Recipe’ is one of my favorite ways to personalize the food at the reception. If you are hosting a fusion wedding where some of the dishes being served have cultural significance be sure to label that as well!

Bar Menus
Regardless if you are hosting beer and wine or a full bar adding bar signage is a must! Simply by having the Couple’s name or monogram at the top of the bar menu and presented in a frame is a more finished and personalized presentation. If you are hosting a signature cocktail give a little bit of information as to why it is so special. For example: Chateau St. Michele Pinto Noir – Bride & Groom’s pick (Discovered this wine on our vacation in 2014. Hope you enjoy as much as we do).

Whether you are hosting an intimate affair or a large party, remember the character of a wedding is all in the finer points! The thought and care that goes into your preparation is reflected in the details and creates a memorable experience for your Guests.

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