The Do’s and Don’ts of a Wedding Registry
The Do’s and Don’ts of a Wedding Registry

Creating your wedding registry is the first of many decisions you’ll get to make as an engaged couple. However, the process is more than simply scanning items at a department store! There are a few do’s and don’ts when creating and managing your wedding registry to make the process easier for your guests while maintaining proper registry etiquette.

1. Review your registry weekly and send out thank you notes as soon as you see that a guest has made a purchase. Leaving thank you notes to the last minute can result in you forgetting to send them out entirely amidst the wedding chaos leading up to the big day. If you are sending thank you notes for gifts received after the wedding, do them as soon as you’re back from your honeymoon and don’t let two or three months pass without sending them. In addition, make your thank you cards personal! Include the name of the gift as well as how you plan on using it, so it doesn’t appear as a generic thank you card sent to everyone.

2. Stick to two or three different stores but not more than that. If one of the stores is higher end, be sure another store is more affordable giving your guests many options. In the same way, be sure at least one option is online or can be ordered over the phone, as this will ease the gift choosing process for your busy guests!

3. When deciding stores, be aware of the exchange and return policies for each store so you’re not left with unwanted gifts. Some stores will even have incentives such as discounted rates on items not purchased after the wedding or an extension of a few months after the wedding for guests who did not purchase a gift in time, so look out for opportunities like these!

4. Register for more gifts than guests that you’ll have. A good rule of thumb is double the amount of gift options as guests. This will give ample options to your guests as well as a variety of price ranges to choose from. Additionally, update the list every few weeks as other gifts get purchased, so there are always plenty of choices for your guests.

5. Think about the future when creating your registry—not just the present. Choose items that not only fit your and your fiancée’s style and lifestyle now, but will also be useful in the future for your family. When it comes to creating your registry together, compromise is key! If certain aspects such as kitchenware are more valuable to you, then perhaps you can handle that aspect while your fiancée handles the electronics.

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