Micro Weddings – Considerations for Marrying Now and Partying Later


These past few weeks our team has been sharing tips and insight on navigating the new world of weddings as well as shedding light on hybrid weddings and contingency planning. For this blog post, I wanted to discuss intimate weddings in an effort to give inspiration to those hosting petite affairs, as every detail still matters!

All of us have been navigating these unique times due to the pandemic, and part of which has reduced guest counts for the most part by a sizeable number. While Mini/Micro weddings are on the rise as couples are eager to get married, the details for guests still matter perhaps more than ever.

Here are some tips to support couples who decide to Marry Now and Party Later:

Wedding Invitations + Communication:

Any guests attending a wedding during the pandemic are most likely curious about the event’s safety protocols. If it is possible and your guest count is small enough, consider placing personal calls followed up by the wedding invitations. Touch base with each family to give them reassurance on how you’re handling your wedding weekend.

Wedding Planning:

In our experience, preparing for a mini wedding is no different than a large-scale occasion. For planners, the guest count does not impact the time, energy, and effort dedicated to producing a well thought out timeline.

Ensure if you are working with a planner that all the regular practices and protocols are put into place and be sure to add safety discussions to the checklist.

Should the couple decide to have a dance floor, ensure it is large enough for guests to spread out for their comfort level – while you may decide to host your larger party later you can still have fun at your more intimate occasion!

Welcoming Your Guests:

Treating the guests with a little extra TLC goes a long way, especially if you are able to splurge a little more with the smaller count. Consider welcome bags that are more personalized to the families and/or individuals.  For example, if the family has children, consider snacks or favors that are more family-friendly.

Depending on the travel of your guests, consider welcoming them with your family on arrival! Having a mini welcome reception is a sure way to make each individual feel special. It also is a great opportunity to get some pre-event shots with each of your guests.

On-Site Management

No matter the size of your occasion, it is incredibly important for you to step out of ‘planning mode’ when the weekend arrives and enjoy being with your friends and family. Work with your planning team to ensure no detail is left unturned.

Our team always divides our staff into the following categories to ensure a successful flow:

Bride’s Side + Groom’s Side:

Having a dedicated team member to oversee hair and make-up schedules, pre-ceremony portraits as well as to make sure you eat a little something before saying, “I do” is a sure way to have the beginning of your wedding day run smoothly. 


Staff who can be supportive of the guest’s questions are more important than ever. Ensure your planning team is always available at the guest’s arrival for greeting and that they are supportive of any questions or concerns that arise. The more your guests are in the know of what is next on the schedule, the better your day will flow!


Discuss with your planner who will be checking in with your hired professionals. Your vendor team is who you have hand-selected to curate your wedding experience. Having a professional on-site to support them with any set-up needs, on-site questions is most important for a successful event – no matter the size!